We are the consultants we always wanted.

At Team Foster Strategy LLC, our decades of experience in corporate and government settings provide great insight into leadership, management and people operations, including what did – and did not – work.

So, we set out to be the consultants that we needed. Our strategy is keen, our programs are straightforward, and our ability to manage complex issues and programs provides proven results for our clients.



Our experts approach every client and opportunity with heart,
vowing to treat all stakeholders well.

Business decisions, client interactions, community service – all of our decisions at Team Foster Strategy LLC are made through the lens of these values. Our heart sets us apart. 

That heart provides our foundational core values:

High energy
Emotional intelligence
Accountability and accuracy

We want our client’s employees to say, “Thank goodness it’s
Monday!” Keeping employees engaged and morale high
create environments where businesses can thrive.


Get everyone in your organization
growing in the same direction.

When a team understands your vision and how it aligns with the core values and mission, the result is a united front working together. When employees get behind a vision, improvements in performance naturally occur. Performance also improves by putting the right employees in the right positions. When we perform well with high job performance and behave well with employees who have high emotional intelligence, great things happen across organizations.

Team Foster Strategy can help your organization create and implement a plan to achieve the “perform well, behave well goal.”


“Everyone must perform well
and behave well.”

– LeeAnn Foster

Are you ready for your organization to grow in the same direction?
Contact Team Foster Strategy LLC to get on the right path.