Surviving Alpha People

LeeAnn Bailes Foster We are made to thrive. Well, if you have thrived while dealing with Alpha People, please give me a call. You are a superhero.  Merely surviving Alpha People is a win! However extroverted and people-loving you are, dealing with Alpha personalities is draining and often times defeating. What is an Alpha Person (AP)? An alpha person has … Read More

Nip it now: Workplace harassment

LeeAnn Bailes Foster Team Foster’s VisionImagine this! It’s 2045. Our granddaughter began her career at Team Foster HR Strategy 3 years ago. Our daughter, Laura, is now the Head Coach of the $1,000,000,000.00 company. There are 149 employees. I met our granddaughter for lunch. She is doing training for several clients in the Southeast. I asked her what the company’s … Read More

Love at work. Yes, It’s OK.

LeeAnn Bailes FosterFebruary, 2020 What’s LOVE got to do with it? Everything, Tina Turner, everything!  It’s February, the LOVE month. Let’s show more LOVE in the workplace. Yes, I am a 30+ year HR professional. No, I have not lost my mind. We need LOVE at work. Being and feeling loved has the potential to increase productivity and decrease turnover. … Read More

Hopelessness: Not an Option

May 2020LeeAnn Bailes Foster Hopelessness is not an option. I’ll type that again; hopelessness is not an option. Life is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Life is full of unexpected curve balls. These are facts.  As Human Resources Professionals, we are looked upon by our organization’s leaders and team members as a thermostat. What? What does a … Read More

ALWAYS conduct performance reviews in person, or NOT!

LeeAnn Bailes Foster If you have been around prior to 2020, you know the drill: find a private, comfortable, and safe place to conduct Performance Review Interviews. Never would we consider holding a Performance Review over the phone or via the internet. NEVER! How very impersonal. Show the employee he is worth your time and effort to meet face-to-face.  Now, … Read More